Milan Sales Office – Logistic

Rigel has its sales office and logistics in a wide space built for storing properly all the consumable products sold to contamination controlled industries. The whole products are managed according to severe internal procedures in order to guarantee reliable deliveries, hygienically safe storage and freshness of consumables especially on short-shelf-life products. Microbial culture media, consumables […]

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Hebas Microbial Impactor

The innovative Rigel HEBAS (High Efficiency Biological Air Sampler) sampling head uses the inertial impaction technology to maximize the effectiveness of standard culture media. The geometry of the HEBAS head is designed to precisely direct the sample air at a low velocity onto the culture media surface to assure high collection efficiency (validated according to […]

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Integrated Environmental Monitoring System (IEMS)

The Integrated Environmental Monitoring System (IEMS) is a distributed open-architecture system designed to provide a complete and singular solution for monitoring all of the environmental parameters required by the GMPs and ISO Standards: Room and building environment Continuous airborne particulate Airborne viable particulate Rigel’s IEMS incorporates “best of class” environmental probes, CLiMET particle counters and the Rigel High Efficiency Biological Air Sampler (HEBAS) and […]

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About Us

RIGEL Life Sciences began in early 2008 as a solution driven by the needs of the engineering and GMP compliance communities within the pharmaceutical, biomedical and electronic industries, and, more generally, everywhere it is fundamental to monitor and keep low levels of contamination inside thecleanroom. Read more… Share this:EmailFacebookPrint

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BioVigilant IMD-A Using patented optical technology, the IMD-A system is capable of simultaneously detecting both size and biologic fluorescence of airborne particulates. The technology offers an eloquent yet robust method for determining the microbial content of an aerosol sample on a particle-by-particle basis, thereby providing a continuous, real-time analysis of environmental bioburden. The IMD-A system […]

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