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Rigel Announces Appointment of Diego Bompadre as Director of Sales and EMS

Company’s business strategy continues towards international expansion

Rigel Life Sciences, a highly specialized company in offering solutions for indoor contamination control and aseptic environments in the pharmaceutical industry, announced today that it has appointed Diego Bompadre as the Company’s Director of Sales and Environmental Monitoring Systems.

Mr. Diego Bompadre has more than 19 years of experience in the application of particle counters and contamination control in the pharmaceutical sector.

Since the beginning of his career he has supported numerous production sites in solving cGMP problems and built strong relationships with end customers.

He joined Rigel Life Sciences shortly after its founding in 2008 and has achieved various positions while steadily increasing his responsibilities.

Today he works closely with the R&D and production department of Rigel Life Sciences to keep the market updated on the most advanced solutions for monitoring environments in controlled contamination areas. He actively participated in the development and launch of the innovative IEMS Next monitoring system which is currently in the patent phase.

November 25, 2022
Diego Bompadre