Rigel Digital Photometer

The Rigel RI7001 digital photometer is the best choice for testing the integrity of HEPA filters. Using the light scattering method, the Rigel RI7001 provides real-time integrity through detection of aerosol concentration upstream and downstream.

The Rigel RI7001 tests, monitors and validates clean rooms, laminar flow hoods, safety cabinets, glove boxes, HEPA vacuum cleaners, HVAC systems, HEPA filters, ULPA filters, filtration units, negative pressure operating rooms, nuclear filter banks, collective protection filters, etc…

The 3.5″ LCD on the base unit provides an easy to read interface displaying sample concentration in real time and frequency modes.

The scanning probe attachment not only focuses the capture of the sample but adds value by incorporating a 2.8″ LCD screen, eliminating the need to look back at the main unit by placing pertinent sample data conveniently within the operator’s “line of sight” and the scanning probes point of application.