Culture Media

RIGEL technology and the excellence of HEBAS biological sampler and PMM- Dr. Mueller products.

GE DIGITAL CAMERARigel Life Sciences is pleased to introduce  PharmaMedia – Dr. Mueller GmbH, our new exclusive partner on the Italian market.

PMM was started by Dr. Rolf Mueller, founder of Heipha, a company for decades representing the state of art in the production of culture media for environmental monitoring and sterility testing .

In order to reaffirm the principles of a total attention to product quality, Dr. Mueller has focused once again on the quality of production processes, validation and documentation: a mandatory path to arrive at state of the art finished product, perfectly compliant the features of the environments where the control of microbiological contamination is a primary characteristic.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAPharmaMedia supplies 90mm Petri dishes and CONTACT 55mm filled with TSA or SDA and the most common molecules for neutralizing antibiotic and sanitizers for inactivation. The formulations are harmonized with the Pharmacopoeia Standards.

The cover of the plates are fitted with snap closure ” Click & Safe” and are easily stackable, thanks to a primary attention to design.

The storage can be performed at room temperature (15 – 25 ° C) and the shelf-life is nine months .

The plates are gamma irradiated and supplied with appropriate certificates of analysis.

In order to allow the appropriate traceability of the product , the dishes are equipped with Data Matrix commonly recognized by most popular environmental sampling software data management.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAWe are at your disposal to show in detail the characteristics of the products PharmaMedia – Dr. Mueller and support you in performing the normal standards of product validation.