The High Efficiency Biological Air Sampler (HEBAS) detects potential contamination from viable particles.

The geometry of the HEBAS head is designed to precisely direct sample air onto the culture media surface to assure high collection efficiency (validated according to ISO 14698/1 Annex B).
An added benefit is the reduction of the sample air velocity which minimizes the severe stress and trauma of each micro-organism upon impact.

The HEBAS’ proprietary design will clearly differentiate sample and post-collection contaminants. Any contaminants added outside the controlled environment will be quickly and easily identified. This feature significantly reduces the risk of false positives.

HEBAS is made with fully autoclavable AISI 316L Stainless Steel. The locking system utilizing magnets provides an easy and safe opening and closing operations, with the assurance of perfect sanitization due to the incorporation of the magnets inside the stainless steel.

The HEBAS uses the industry standard 90 mm petri dish for continuous and repeatable sample collection.

When equipped with the Internal Vacuum Source (IVS) unit, the HEBAS provides a self-contained system for the continuous sampling of viable particles within critical environments. The HEBAS IVS is ideal for monitoring in those applications where containment has to be assured (isolators, RABS).

The HEBAS IVS contains an internal power supply and a blower, eliminating the risk associated with using a vacuum source located outside the containment area.

Rigel’s HEBAS IVS provides an added measure of safety by incorporating features resulting in the exhaust air passing through a filtration subsystem certified to ISO 3 compliance.