CLiMET technology with the excellence of the HEBAS air sampler

Rigel microbiological HEBAS (High Efficiency Biological Air Sampler) sampling head uses the inertial impact technology at a low velocity on a culture media. It is made by materials (AISI 316L Stainless Steel or aluminum), perfectly suitable to be used in low contamination environments and fully autoclavable.

The locking system is based on magnets, allowing ease, rapid and safe opening and closing operations. This system doesn’t use any material potentially degrading, assuring total seal even after many sterilization cycles.

The geometry of the HEBAS has been specifically designed to maximize the collection efficiency while avoiding severe stress to micro-organisms, maximizing both physical and biological efficiency according to ISO 14698/1 Annex B, as certified by the Health Protection Agency (UK). This technology can guarantee performances particularly suitable to detect low levels of biocontamination, as expected in ISO 5 environments, with an immediate recognition of the contamination formed outside the controlled environment.

The used consumable is a standard 90 mm petri dish. The HEBAS has been designed to allow the user to change the culture media supplier with no structural intervention on the instrument.

  • Stainless steel viable samplers
  • High efficiency sampling head able to provide an immediate false positives recognition
  • Certified efficiency at Health Protection Agency (UK) according to ISO 14698-1
  • Mass flow controller provides optimal sample flow rate for increased accuracy
  • Built-in label printer provides regulatory traceability (only CI-90A)
  • Low particle emissions:
    • with filtered exhaust
    • each unit is factory certified for low emissions
  • Battery provides 8 hours continuous sampling
  • Accessory kits for remote sampling and sampling of compressed gases
  • 5 year warranty